Full Stack Developer

Typescript, React, NextJS, Vue, NuxtJS, Node, Python, Go, Express, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Prisma, TailwindCSS, FastAPI,PHP, Twig Flutter, Firebase, Git, GitHub, Docker


Nkhuku App

I designed and developed a user-friendly web application tailored for efficient management of poultry farms, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity through intuitive features and data management capabilities, showcasing my proficiency in full-stack development and agricultural industry solutions.

Pocket Track

Pocket Track, a personalized finance tracker web application, empowering individuals to effortlessly manage their finances by providing insightful analysis and customizable budgeting tools, demonstrating my expertise in front-end design and financial management solutions for personal use.

PBM Procure

I engineered a robust procurement system for PBM Construction, optimizing supply chain operations and subcontractor processes to ensure timely project deliveries and cost-effective resource allocation, illustrating my adeptness in developing tailored software solutions for the construction industry's procurement needs.


EaziTickets, an innovative online platform for event management and ticket sales, revolutionizing the event industry by seamlessly integrating ticket purchasing, event planning tools, and attendee management features, showcasing my expertise in creating comprehensive digital solutions for event organizers and attendees alike.


I developed PrimalGorillaGaming, a dynamic platform designed for gamers to connect, socialize, and chat, fostering a vibrant online community centered around shared gaming interests and experiences, demonstrating my passion for gaming culture and my skills in developing engaging hobbyist projects.


Itravel, an immersive tourism information website dedicated to showcasing the enchanting destinations and cultural treasures of Malawi, offering visitors comprehensive guides, vibrant multimedia content, and interactive maps to inspire memorable travel experiences, reflecting my commitment to promoting local tourism and my proficiency in crafting captivating digital platforms.

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